Bedtime Storybug Praises

“Thank You SO much. I know I will recommend your BedBug to all grandparents that do not see their grandchildren that often. Watching my daughter smile every night when she hears my mom’s voice read her a story is priceless.”

-Julia F.


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“My daughter Ashley recently went on a three day trip to Nebraska to play violin with several students and her violin teacher. At seven years old she was the youngest on the trip. Up to this point she hadn’t ever been away without Mom and Dad except a couple of sleep overs at friends houses so she was a little hesitant. We sent her BedTime StoryBug with recorded messages for morning and night from my wife and the “Goodnight Moon” story from me and a message from her older sister. We heard from her teacher when they got back that the girls and the teacher in Ashley’s room would sit around and listen to the story each night before bed and they all enjoyed that.”

-Ron S.

Testimonial from Real Mom Real Views

“Bedtime got a little easier.”

“The plush bug is super soft and snugly.”

“The kids all recorded a song on the book leg.”

“It’s almost like Daddy is there when he can’t be.”

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“My kids LOVE hearing me read to them through the bug. They keep asking me to leave them new messages. Very cute.”

“You did a great job keeping it simple.”

“I especially love the idea of leaving audio messages/stories for my kids when we have to be apart.”

Katrina Alcorn – Author of “Maxed Out”

“You could tell that a lot of planning and thought went into the packaging.”
“This product has really good sound quality.”

“He seems to love the comfort of having mommy’s voice with him each nap and bed time. I love that he only screams for a fraction of the time now.”

Testimonial from The Dollar Monger

“The BedTime StoryBug has now become my daughter’s favorite plush animal.” She calls it her “Momma Bug”. “It has helped her fall asleep on her own and in her own bed more often.”

Testimonial from Working Moms Against Guilt