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The Adorable Recordable Ladybug


With the BedTime StoryBug, your child can always hear your comforting voice!

3 voice messages, Re-recordable, High-quality Plush, Best Toy award winner.

Record each message as many times as you like.  It’s quick and easy.  Change one or all at any time.  No plug-in, internet, or technical skills required.

Soft, Huggable, Durable

We know how much your kids are going to use their BedTime StoryBug so, we’ve tested materials for softness, durability, and strength.  We found soft, durable fabric that can withstand as many hugs as your child is going to want to give. Kids just love the feel of satin.  The BedTime StoryBug’s satin feet are fun to hold and press.  Kids learn just where to press to hear that special comforting voice.

Your Voice, Your Personal Message

When your child wants to hear your voice, the messages are loud and clear, capturing all the love you want to share. You can record two different 20-second messages and one full three minutes (enough for a favorite short story!).  They’ll love to hear your voice when you can’t be there.